Friday, February 21, 2014

Call me an old so and so (Sow and Sow)

Well we're beginning to see the days get a little longer and some occasional glimpses of the sun so I've come to the conclusion that I should be starting a few seedlings and getting prepared for a growing season.
This is my fisrst full year with a complete plot and although I will be hoping to manage things so we have a good supply I'm also planning quite a bit of experimentation and hope to be able to give away a few of the things I grow and plants too if I have enough. .
Today we've actually planted some seeds and I've moved some fruit bushes into pots (I fear the ground is too wet for them at present) - the fruit bushes are  two off   Redcurrant Ribes Rubrum
The Redcurrants I'm aiming for

The seeds we've sown are all starting indoors, they're

Onions Ailsa Craig I've used Onion sets in the past and have planted some sets  already but it does feel like cheating and I did grow a few from seed last year which was not too difficult.

Cauliflower - I like cauliflower and think as well as tasting good they are attractive to look at (?)

And in  a propagating tray I am growing  Aubergines (Early Long Purple 3).
We've got some little growing kits from a  pound store for early Iceberg Lettuce and Spring Onions which Debbie was in charge of sowing so these should work okay.

Next on the agenda will be Tomatoes, Broccoli and Radishes.

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