Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scottish Independence at what cost?

The debate ahead of the Scottish referendum seems to be hotting up with everyone from Rock God David Bowie to European politician José Manuel Barroso offering input.

Is Alex Salmond an honourable man who believes wholeheartedly that an Independent Scotland offers a better way of life to his countrymen or a deluded egomaniac?
I don't know but to me he seems a shifty politician who appears to believe that having cake and eating it is the prerogative of those splitting from the rest of the country.

One would imagine that even to a politician it would be logical to realise that somethings will need to be given up as the price of independence,  and I would think that monetary independence would mean that the Scottish would need to have a different pound (or Euro), some definitions of an independent country take a currency as being part of 'going it alone'.
A man of the people?

The other issue for the Scot Nats to resolve is the question of entry into the EU - of course within the EU there are countries such as Spain who would worry about making it look like the Basques could carry out a similar change of status as the Scots but this does not mean that the EU membership is a non-issue.
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