Thursday, January 09, 2014

Scotching rumours, fresh books and the joys of paperwork

If you've seen the latest Private Eye cover you might spot a handsome looking dude behind David Cameron despite any reports that you might hear it is not me.
Private Eye is a great magazine to accompany you on a train journey and in the past it has exposed some real hypocrisy - I'm not a regular reader but the covers are always worth a look (even this one).

Embrace the Ordinary

I popped into the local library yesterday and as well as a couple of Art books (one on tricking the eye and one on Street Art) I picked up Embrace the Ordinary it's by Michael Foley who wrote The Age of Absurdity (which I enjoyed) and the first chapter has already made me smile as I recognise myself in his description of  being a middle aged rebel in his recounting of sneaking an ironing board into a nearby skip and feeling 30 years younger, for me it's appropriating old wooden pallets that gives me that buzz.
The idea behind embracing the ordinary is a long and honourable one but worth a revisit for those who know it and an introduction to those who aren't aware

Going paperless (or less paper anyway)

Today I've actually sent of some tax returns and it was not an experience I want to repeat too soon, I fear that I'll be getting a bill as well, I did manage to shred a load of paper (which made me feel slightly virtuous) and I hope  that I can continue reducing the crap I have and get a little more organised in 2014.
 Only scratching the surface

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