Thursday, January 16, 2014

ISA Allowances, Plex and stuff I missed

  ISA Allowances

Yesterday I visited a financial adviser attached to my bank, surprisingly (to me) this was quite a useful and pleasant experience as well as a cup of drinkable coffee I got what was (to me) some insights and pointers, one of which was to use ISA allowances for existing funds, I've asked Aviva if I can do this.
A suggestion was also made about taking advantage of CGT and moving away from risk as one gets towards retirement.
At least think about your dosh
Also the very action of considering finances (or other major issues) does throw illumination on future plans and ambitions useful in itself.

Plex media server

The Plex media server has a nice facility via Let me watch this bundle that enables 'one' to bookmark videos on the PC for later viewing on your telly (or other device like a tablet that's running Plex) what you get is an addition to your toolbar and when you have aYoutube (or  other video playing site) site and find a video you want to watch properly you just 'mark-it'. (I followed the straightforward tips from trekkeriii explanation here).

Here's a post I didn't complete from August 2013....  More Tating and 'taters and more Beatles vocal 

 Hume's favourite subject 

 Paid a second visit to the Lowry exhibition at Tate Britain on Wednesday and must say his work is beginning to grow on me particular the large canvases he did in 1951. Overheard a couple of gems from other visitors including the fact that very few (I couldn't see any) of his work has shadows, this he reckoned was as a result f his working at night! Also learnt that he used to have about 6 canvases on the go at once and that he didn't have girlfriends (or boyfriends) looking again I see his work as more political and note his (possible) environmentalism.
His works is said to mirror the French interest in Modern life which artists like  Maurice Utrillo epitomised.

 after looking again at the No Woman No Cry of Chris Ofili and a few others which included another of Gary  Hume's Iconic doors 'Incubus' (above right). I was interested to see Primrose Hill by the artist Frank Auerbach who Tom Davies mentions as a great living artist.
 I also went to Tate Modern it really is good fun and very interesting to see some of the stuff on the 4th floor around conceptual art.

My Vegetables

This afternoon I picked first of 3 rows of Maris Piper potatoes far less damage done than harvesting the Arran Pilots which is pleasing, also picked some carrots the other day.


If you like The Beatles and Abbey Road take a listen to this track of vocals from the Medley - pretty amazing..

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