Saturday, January 04, 2014

More buying and a nice Richmond eatery 'Amadora'

Having ordered our new Fridge freezer our spending splurge continues and this week we ordered a new (perhaps overdue?) mattress the one we had came with the bed and was a Sealy, the replacement  was chosen with a very helpful salesperson at Daniel's which is super local for us. Rather impressively we had a phone call on Friday saying that delivery was available this Saturday either morning or afternoon far ahead of the time we had anticipated, delivery and collection of the 'old' mattress happened as promised - all very efficient.
Daniels West Ealing
We'd been attracted by the advertising for the Tempura but after trying (rather briefly) a couple of beds in store we chose a Relyon. It seems the Tempura has some fans and some critics, it certainly felt different to what I'm used to but not sure if this is necessarily good. The Relyon is a UK produced product and seems well appreciated, somewhat against logic considering the time we spend in bed the importance of a good bed is often overlooked, the Sleep Council have a serious job to do. Will let you know if all goes well with the sleeping!


On Friday we decided to take a bus to Richmond, first thing when we got off the bus was that we discovered that Black's (in Richmond) was closing lots of good stuff there with an (extra) 30% discount sadly we didn't buy anything and Friday was their last day.
What we did do was have a very pleasant lunch at  Amadora a very cosy Italian restaurant the meal was good value with a main course and either a desert or starter for £9.95  although the choice was rather limited the food was very nice and Pasta cooked just right, I chose the Affagato for my second course which I've become rather taken with. I was surprised to see the online reviews of the restaurant so varied, I thought it
Richmond restaurant Amadora 
was pretty good but it's not big and the people there are human, I wonder if the sort of reports some people make are about (to an extent) what they bring to the situation in terms of expectations and mood?
I rated the restaurant above average for food, value and service but it's of course a personal view and perhaps we were lucky?

Soup Maker

After the eating we went around M&S, House of Fraser and Robert Dyas buying some food for our tea, a Handbag and a Morphy Richards Soup Maker (£50 from Robert Dyas) really looking forward to having a go with this as well as soup you can create Smoothies and milkshakes - hopefully not something we use only once!

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