Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ealing's Cafe Rouge and Michael Foley on 'This Extraordinary World'

On Saturday we decided to revisit Ealing's Café Rouge for a spot of lunch, it's had a bit of a revamp but retains a certain knowing 'cod impersonation' of a French Cafe/Bar  in a pleasant enough way, it has had a bit of a freshen up and now has a new sign up outside I don't think anyone working there when we visited was French or thwe custoers for that matter.
Debbie reckoned she enjoyed it more than Maggie's (on Friday) and the  Steak Baguette and Frites did hit the spot for me- hopefullythe cafe will continue to offer an alternative to the other newer trendier places in the centre of Ealing. (The cost for the two snacks and drinks was around £30).

Michael Foley on 'This Extraordinary World' 

As I mentioned the other  I'm reading Michael Foley's 'Embracing The Ordinary' and unlike many similar books I'm finding it quite easy to get into so was interested to find out a bit more about the thesis he's putting forward.
One of the good things about the Now TV Box is that with only minimal fiddling you get You Tube on your domestic TV (using Plex) so I did a search on  Michael Foley and found him addressing the same event as Steve Fuller  ( raved about this too) which is run by The Institute of Art and Ideas (known as The IAI).
What I'm liking about Foley's book especially is that he keeps going on about Proust's masterpiece In search of Lost Time  which I'm reading the first volume of at the moment.
Sadly the audio that was recorded is not fantastic but it's intelligible and worth (I reckon) persevering with.

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