Wednesday, January 15, 2014

History of the Bible - Karen Armstrong

When I picked up the book Embracing The Ordinary from the library I expected a fairly undemanding meander through some things that make life good, I was not anticipating the rigour that Michael Foley has so far demonstrated - what is the 'revelation' that I'm talking about you might wonder.

Well what it is is the full on attack on the Church (not religion) particularly the  flavour which is known as  Roman Catholicism - like many Irish born of a certain age, it seems Michael came into conduct with some sadistic types in his education which created some early animosity but apart from this what he has done is research around the bible, papal infallibility and the general rewriting of 'History' that has gone on since Jesus was around.
Michael has used the work of Karen Armstrong as a source -she has written extensively one of her best known works is A History of God.

Here's Karen talking

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