Friday, January 31, 2014

Is Scarlett wrong? & Happy Chinese New year of the Horse

Scarlett looking regular

Many people see the situation for Palestinians living and working in Israel and the lands 'captured' by them as complex and difficult.
To my mind Scarlett Johansson is very much more than a strikingly beautiful and talented actress but this does not mean that she can not make mistakes. Scarlett very much engages in the world outside her professional activities and the pursuit of further income via promotional work for various brands.

According to Scarlett is worth $35 million (US) she is supporter of Barak Obama and has also been quoted as having long term
What the fuss is about
political ambitions.

 Scarlett promotes a lot of products -amongst the products t is associated with is Soda Stream  a somewhat naff fizzy drinks producing product that manufactures in Ma'ale Adumim in the  West Bank Settlement.

The UN believes that Israel occupies this land illegally, Israel disputes the International communities view and  there is evidence of Israel's rights if one goes back to biblical times.

By most accounts BDS (Soda Stream)  is a good employer for the Palestinians and Israels working at the factory in Ma'ale Adumim, the workforce have equitable conditions across the religious divide and there's an on site mosque.

So the story of Scarlett  terminating her relationship with Oxfam as a result of the endorsement of Soda Stream might put her in the position of being one of the 'bad guys' in some peoples eyes.

Here's a report on the parting of the ways (After 8 years)  between Oxfam and Scarlett.

[footnote: I really enjoyed the recent Don Jon film she starred in and here's the Scarlett advert if you want to see it ]

Year of the Horse

Today's the start of the Chinese New year and this is the year of the Horse, apparently the Horse is all about energy and being  bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able. We had a small celebration at home  accompanied by a bottle  of Portuguese wine, a Portinho do Covo 2012 which was very palatable.

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