Saturday, January 25, 2014

Alex Horne -comedy at The Drayton Court

Unlike Groucho Marx I'm generally quite happy to belong to any club that'll have me and I'm not really sure that Phil Zimmerman's No.5 Club is really a club but more an intimate venue for seekers of merriment (once a month).
The main annoyance for me (and please realise I'm getting more and more aware of trivial irritations) is that the music volume before the performance is way too high, the choice of tracks is okay but I don't understand the benefit
of making it so loud that I can't converse or do anything but think next time I'll bring some discrete ear protectors. Great I've got that off my chest.
In fact I thought last night MC  Phil was a little  less crazed than previously, could be as a result of a group of runners had taken up residence in his 'famous table of doom' or perhaps he was happy to have got rid of Christmas and 2013.
The good news for thew audience was that there were a wide variety of comics to support the headline grabbing Alex Horne (famous for his Radio and TV performances), I think the ones to watch in the future are Dave Green and an American women who was amusing too (hopefully her name will be filled in when I can find it update it was Rosie Martin ).

Alex's performance was well rehearsed and it needed to be as it was reliant on pre -recordings of both his own voice and famous film actor Michael Caine (on a talking book of his autobiography).

The No.5 offers great value in a pleasant  West London pub (also famous for its Ho Chi Minh connection) if you're able do support it.

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