Friday, January 10, 2014

Mental Health Governors and some Art in The Everyday

West London Mental Health Governors

I take an interest in Mental Health which many in the UK believe to be treated as something of a Cinderella in terms of resources, funding and profile -  there are figures that indicate as many as one in four of us will be sufferers of a Mental Health condition  to some degree or other during our lifetime.

 Ruby's working to remove Stigma
Last year (seems funny to say that) I went along to a meeting to find out more about being a Governor of the West London MentalHealth NHS Trust ahead of it getting Foundation Trust status, I learnt today that this will likely be delayed probably until 2015 because at least in part of requirements  for passing a newly designed assessment model.

Obviously the standards are important but anything which delays improvement on the availability and quality of care to those suffering the effects of poor mental health is to be deplored - I will try and find out more  ahead of any announcements. 
It's great that some high profile figures like Ruby Wax are looking to help remove some of the stigmas around mental conditions - let's be considerate of people suffering in 2014

Art in the everyday

Angel of The North

Today I was sorting through our Christmas cards, checking for addresses etc before preparing to take them to M&S for recycling - one of the gems that resonated with me as I  consider the points made in 'Embrace the Ordinary' was the description of  'The Angel of the North'  which reminded the sender of a trip to Portugal Lisbon by virtue of connections with:
Airbus A380

The Cristo Rei

1) an Airbus A380
2) Cristo Rei bridge

Seems to me this also explains a little about what some time in contemplating Art (as in pictures and sculptures) gives us - some help with seeing and looking and also what  great brand logos Christianity can use (no intention to offend anyone here).

Tablets everywhere

Amazing fact (if true) 51% of UK households have a 'PC Tablet' this means more on-line consuming as it becomes even easier to shop while we do other things - I thought at one time that TV would be the way that every household had its own point of purchaser terminal but it looks like it's the Smart-phone and Tablet that has triumphed.
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