Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Villages of London (with CityLit)

Last day classroom bound

Interesting to find that I'm on a bit of a historic trajectory, last term began to get a bit of a grasp on English history via the National Portrait Gallery  introduction expertly curated and explained by Leslie Primo.

Now (as hopefully) the weather picks up  - I'm finding out something about how London developed - first lesson was in the classroom talking about the background and itinerary -Paul Sinclair who is our guide seems splendid and well organised.

Key facts and surprises so far are that London's Population pretty much went from 1 Million-ish in 1801   to around 6 Million a 100 years later. The population is growing again  but there's an issue of where London begins and ends (of course).

Be great to get out and about - we'll visit

Islington, Clerkenwell, Mayfair, Harrow-on-the -hill, Bermondsey, Wapping Shoreditch and Notting Hill (stay tuned).

London's Masonic Hall - History is all around us

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