Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The end of 'Cash'

On Sunday we met some old friends after meeting at The Questors 'Grapevine' bar we took a walk to Charlotte's W5 - original I'd intended to go to Charlotte's Place (on Ealing Common) but this is closed following a fire so we expected something broadly similar at this other part of The Charlotte Group - I've had my eye on the restaurant/bar for some time.

So after looking at my pictures..

My 'Calendar' of Photo's in the Questors  Grapevine bar.

Well we had a few issues in Charlotte's Place -
Charlotte's W5 -They don't want your money 

1st Glasses cloudy
2nd Chairs difficult to get into
3rd Poached Egg overcooked..

and for me  the fact that Cash was not acceptable - I realise that we're in the 21st Century but I don't like the demise of cash it leads to state having (even more) powers.

I want to be able to reward individual service and  I fear too much knowledge is being accumulated about us all.

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