Friday, April 13, 2018

Current Art at The Serpentine Galleries

Now Showing
After session 1 of the Village London Course  I went to the Serpentine galleries.

Work on show was a very  different style to that which I've been taking note of , it was projection and Artificial Intelligence influenced work, not really my thing but perhaps indicative of where modern art might move?

Serpentine Gallery

The artists were Ian Cheng (he will have another exhibition at the gallery after April 24) and Sondra Perry, I was interested to find that Perry references Turner’s painting about the ‘dumping’ of slaves (JMW Turners Slave Ship) which tied in somewhat with what Leslie Primo had mentioned, a insurance claim necessitated that the cargo (slaves) were lost overboard.

Ian Cheng's BOB seems to engage children

Looking again I can see the Turner reference in the creations that Sondra Perry exhibits...

The  (Turner) reference now is clearer

Serpentine Galleries I find always stimulating and it's in a nice part of London too - great to see people on Horse back.

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