Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Heavenly Majestic Skylines at St George's Church

Simon on the left and John on the right 3 years ago?

So I was surprised to find from my invitation to Simon James Smith first Solo Exhibition that it's nearly 3 years sine I was part of a City Lit Photo Walk course, led by talented Armelle Skatulski that Simon was also on.

I'm in touch with John L but not really heard anything much from the rest so it was nice to catch up with Barra who was also on the course  at the viewing as we looked at Simon's beautifully printed work.

The 'Viewing' last night was pleasant, Simon's Photo's play to his previous experience in the travel industry and also have a 'spiritual' theme - 'Heavenly Majestic Skylines'  which fits the St George's church location (Lovely Hawksmoor designed Church with quite a history).

St George's Bloomsbury - Great Hawksmoor Church

And Simon yesterday 

Simon spoke a little about the path that he's pursued and the pictures - if you're going make a visit (on util 2nd May)  you can combine with a look at  the Museum of Comedy which is in the Crypt.

As I was in West End couldn't resist a couple of snaps too...

Centre Point
A London Cab

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