Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Allotments and connections of Cildo Meireles

My little helper
Finally feel like I'm making some (limited) progress on Plot 202 - weather and other activities are my excuse.

Big help is the  Mountfield Tiller (running on a rechargeable battery)  -it  gives a good half an hour of tilling the soil and managed to get onions and garlic in yesterday - potatoes to follow soon (I hope).

Onions and Garlic planted 

Connections with Cildo Mereiles

On my Citylit Walk last week I saw an intriguing work/bird sanctuary (left) following tweet I followed up to find the work which it reminded me of which I'd seen in Tate Modern.

The bird house is called "London Fieldworks Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven" and is a sculptural installation located in Duncan Terrace Gardens it has 300 birdhouses

Tower of Babel (2001)
"London Fieldworks Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven"

Tower of Babel (2001) is by the Brazilian artist Cildo Mereiles coincidentally (perhaps) Cildo is the one person who I referenced when I did 365 pictures featuring red - as he had a totally Red room.

You can see more and find out a bit on the Tower of Babel here

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