Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dancing with the Captain

Richmond Theatre

Great production of Ronald Harwood's Play Quartet at Richmond Theatre yesterday - play is about so much more than a synopsis might suggest (ageing Opera singers in shared living space).

Very strong ensemble piece, with fine comic performance kept maudlin feelings at bay but there was pathos .

I have some sympathy with critics (of the play) who are troubled by the way it ends but ultimately it is (somewhat) 'life affirming' which is perhaps not such a bad thing.

Long while since I've seen Paul Nicholas and I was surprised to see him looking older (he's74) but in fact he was vital, energetic and showed great timing (as did other cast members) - Wendi Peters (of Coronation Street fame), the baby of the cast at just 50 - is fast becoming a great comic  actor - a sort of new version of the late Joan Sims.

I was surprised to find that Paul Nicholas (who found national fame as Vince in BBC sitcom 'Just Good Friends') when a young pop singer (he went on to have very big hits in the 70's) sang a song co-authored by a young David Bowie you can hear it here - it's no 'Heroes'.

Quite funny to see so many amongst the audience who could relate to the topic and a lovely spring day in Richmond..

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