Sunday, October 01, 2017

Another off site CityLit course -Looking at Paintings

Week 1 at the V&A

I've enjoyed quite a few CityLit courses over the last few years -some of  the ones I really like are those that are not classroom based and bring the chance of discussions around art.

 So it was with a certain amount of enthusiasm that I arrived at the V&A in  Kensington last Tuesday afternoon for  course led by Julia Musgrave where we get to grips with some of the skills around looking at paintings.

An example that addresses perspective

The course has I think a degree of chronological form and is centred on 'Western' art - in the first week we've encountered some of the issues of art that came out of the church ahead of widespread use of perspective and the challenges that artists confronted in provision of producing colour that reflected nature.

Like most CityLit courses it is well organised and appropriate notes are provided - those taking the course are largely 'mature' (in age anyway) individuals.

As well as supplying guidance and some answers there are areas to muse on like the famous picture (one of my favourites) below - is it just a copy or is it more?

A copy - or is it more of Raphael's ' School of Athens'  by  Anton Raphael Mengs

A model used as an aid

Apart from the works that were on the set agenda I noted a model by Sansovino (The Descent from the Cross) which was used by Perugino in producing his painting it reminded me of the work of The Chapman Brothers and helped me realise that they too are part of a history of the use of models.

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