Monday, October 23, 2017

Back in Kingston and Recuva (-ring)

It's a little while since we've been to Kingston (Upon Thames) glad to report that Typo's now opened (but it seems to be aimed at teenage girls).

Outsize Pen & Ink

And this is 'Sharp'

Tiger becomes Flying Tiger in Kingston on Thames

And now their branch of Tiger has a new name 'Flying Tiger Copenhagen' - otherwise still seems to be doing well- we went to Carluccio's (inside Bentall's) for lunch, forgotten how nice the food is and the team serving were v.good too.

Lovely Pasta and a nice glass of Wine

Recovering Jpegs

I don't know if you've made an error on importing files and 'thought' you'd lost the lot - well I did that and happily found there's a way to rewind and get back those 'priceless pictures' it's called
 Recuva -and the personal  version is free- check-it -out

Here's one of the files I brought back from the dead

With Recuva - We can recover from beyond the grave (local Uxbridge Road restaurant  Chianti)  

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