Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dali, Duchamp and Hope at the RA

Two giants who were friends

The other smashing exhibition at the RA was one that centred on the friendship between Dali and Duchamp.

The Double 'D's'

Dali is the more famed public figure but it can be argued that Duchamp is the more significant in terms of the Art world.

There were some amazing things to see like Hamilton's  restoration of  Marcel Duchamps 'The Bride Stripped Bare..'
I was also interested to see a work by Dali (Sistine Madonna)  which used dots in much the same way as Robert Lichenstein did later on.

There was quite a bit of work by Duchamp including (of course) another copy of the 'Fountain', the other readymade 'bottle rack' was there too .

Useful RA notes

For me the elephant in the room was the lack of 'etant donnes' which is in Philadelphia and doesn't travel.

The exhibition sort of ties into the Jasper Johns exhibition which is also currently hosted by the RA.

Bob Hope and Dali

It's quite easy to assume that the artist as a celebrity is a new phenomena but Dali was prominent in Hollywood and  worked  with Alfred Hitchcock  on a dream sequence for Hitchcock's  Spellbound film - here's a clip of Bob Hope as guest at one of Dalis' Surreal Bashes.

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