Monday, September 25, 2017

Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britian

Untitled -Book Corridors 
I'm not sure when I first encountered the work of Rachel Whiteread but it was notable (to me) in that it was something decidedly different.

[I saw and noticed a small work by Rachel at the Saatchi a couple of years back]

Tate Britain is hosting (quite a) bit of a retrospective and the nature of the work means that it's quite a different exhibition.

Rachel's work is (like many I guess) about observation and place - the way she abstracts solidity and creates work that resonates sets her apart - I was particulalrly drawn to the Room 101 (called Untitled Room 101) from George Orwell's book in turn derived from a room in the BBC Broadcasting House

I also liked the work that seems to capture the essence of a Library - Untitled -Book Corridors.

Like me Rachel notices doors
A seat that fits the table
Chicken Shed -A work that's outside - where it should be 
Another work about seats -Untitled 100 spaces

Rachel Whiteread's Untitled-  (Room 101) from the room in Broadcasting House.

There was a fascination for me too with the doors and chairs that fitted really neatly under tables - It's surprising that more don't do that.

Great that there was a work outside the Tate Britain too (and one in the Duveen space there as well).

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