Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Another big Display and Want a Netgear Digital Entertainer (probably not)?

And another big display too

Well I've been going on about the use of LEDs and big displays, here's one I'd quite like to have some photo's on..( I spotted it first around Christmas time) it's in Ealing Broadway Centre which is having some move abounds and new tenants.

It looked a bit red and I'm not sure it'll be used sparingly (isn't it terrible when you go to the Pub and end up just staring at the telly?)

It's been there for some time but first time I've seen it on


Still clearing out, thought I'd got rid of this on ebay (but I haven't).

So  if anyone wants this (Netgear DVE 2000), it works but superseded as far as I'm concerned  I think  - it's up for grabs and if you've got a reason to have it I'll even post it to you

Mail me with your story

Another technology product from yesteryear - all complete 

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