Sunday, October 22, 2017


Great to go out again to the Whitechapel Gallery - it's a nice sized place and has a great history.

Reason for my visit was to see some of the work of  German born photographer Thomas Ruff (it's perhaps worth noting that Germany has produced some great contemporary photographers like Wolfgang Tillmans for example) .
 Can you see the ID vibe ?

What I liked about Ruff's work was the breadth of subject matter from the amusing interiors made while he studied to the 'Cosmic' pictures derived from data supplied by the ESO.

Ruff also produces portraits but these are not typical and use something of the Police Identification style.

Some of the pictures on show used the artefacts from jpeg (digitally compressed files ) to show something of the modern communication/media process.

Using Jpeg images of twin towers

There were other things to see at the Gallery including ISelf -End of Love  - which included some rather sad wedding photo's taken Akram Zaatari in the Lebanon and unusual 'installation' work by Portuguese born Leonor Antunes.

Iself - varied
Iself exhibition 

Spatial work by Leonor  Antunes - The Frisson of Togetherness, strangely evocative

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