Sunday, March 10, 2013

Side Effects and # 73 Reincarnation

March Film review

Yesterday we went to see the latest Stephen Soderbergh film, Side Effects. Initially I thought this film was about mass medication, which I rather alarmingly learnt this week is a condition that an increasingly large number of those living in the West exist under voluntarily. In fact the movie was a well made thriller whose consideration was of other issues.
Soderbergh has a long list of credits which probably contains less 'Turkeys' than many directors with a similar number of mainstream Hollywood movies to their name - I'd probably give Side Affects 4 out of 5 in my personal movie ratings.

Big Idea 73 (which I hope is not going to get me so agitated) is Reincarnation

So what is Reincarnation?
Reincarnation describes the phenomenon/belief that new  souls move to other bodies after death
With good Karma we can move upwards in the type of thing we're reincarnated as.
Which religions hold that reincarnation can/does happen?

The faiths that  accommodate reincarnation are; 'old religions' and some new age occultism, examples are Hinduism, Buddhism and  Theosophy.

Some problems with reincarnation are ;

1) How is it that we're not conscious of previous lives, and if we're not conscious of it can it be the case? Here's some stuff about NDE (near death Experiences) which could be relevant.
2) Does the growing number of humans on the planet tie in with a belief in reincarnation? Here's an article that addresses that one.