Thursday, March 28, 2013

Compost box and Big Idea 86 Electromagnetism

Bottom  of the box
I am continuing to weed and turn over the soil on my allotment when weather permits and yesterday as well as digging in the ashes  from my recent bonfire. I have now worked in some organic material (farmyard manure and 'garden compost) into the more claggy areas.
I also mentioned a few days ago that I wanted to add some rudimentary handles to my compost box to help with the adding and removing of materials, as you can see in the pictures I have now done this.

Big Idea 86 is Electromagnetism

Crofton's idea number 86 is that which covers the Electromagnetic phenomenon.

Electromagnetism is key in the generation and distribution of electricity it is used the mechanism that converts electronics to sound in transducers like loudspeakers and headphones.

Although it was known that there was a link between electricity and magnetism it was not until
Michael Faraday in 1831  demonstrated the relationship between magnetism and electricity and how changes in magnetic flux could cause an electrical  current to be induced.

James Clerk Maxwell was a better mathematician than Faraday and was able to frame theorems that showed the relationship. If you have 45 minutes to spare then a good use of it might be to listen to the 'in our time' on Maxwell he was a talented, amusing  guy working across disciplines who sadly died young (48) of cancer.
The electromagnetic Spectrum spans frequencies from radio long wave(Around  1,000 KHz) to those of Gamma Rays (around 30 EHz).