Saturday, March 30, 2013

Big Actor Dies and Idea 88 (special and general) Relativity

Bye Bye Richard Griffith

Sad that Richard Griffith has died particularly as he passed before many actors at the age of 65.
As well as finding fame via  a number of Stage, Film and TV roles he hit news headlines by breaking the fourth wall a couple of times when he was forced  to remonstrate with members of the audience who repeatedly offended him (and others in the  audience) by not observing the need to suppress telephonic urges during  theatrical events.
Perhaps it is worth considering him when we go to the cinema or theatre and also reflect on the shortness of our time on the earth (perhaps not if you're a Buddhist or follower of other faith that anticipates reincarnation).

Here's Richard being funny


Interestingly I'm fast getting towards half way through Ian Crofton's book and it's been an education - quite a bit of it stuff I've either not encountered or not engaged with -

Idea 88 is relativity which Einstein had a couple of special theories for where Newtonian rules did not apply.
This French man (I think) below explains it but I'm not too sure if it is important in everyday life for most of us.
Here he is (quite funny too)