Friday, March 22, 2013

Cold frame base and Idea # 81 is 'Time''

Cold frame base made from Palette.
I have cut down my recently recovered palette to what I hope will be a good size to sit my cold frame on - it is pretty solid.
I am hoping to used the cold frame quite soon for mushroom growing and also some lettuces. I will put some preservative on the base and might try and limit the entry of mice etc. if this is feasible.
Also put some roofing felt on my 'mulch' box - I will try and give the top a slight pitch to ensure water does not collect and add rudimentary handles at the top and exit apertures.


Big Idea 81 (and it is a big one) is Time

Newton thought that time was linear (he said so in one of his laws) but Einstein came along and disproved that. Time is the 4th dimension in the Time-Space continuum.
There's some interesting work been done around perception of time for example being sad or the events around a dramatic car crash (when one is involved) can also make 'time' go more slowly.
So is there more than one sort of time the one periodic and measured with devices like pendulums and the other experienced varying with age and events?
The BBC reporter Alan Johnston was working in the middle East and was held as a hostage, during this time he heard a broadcast saying he was dead and believing this to be a report that had been leaked ahead of events was expecting to be executed.  This is cited as an example by Claudia Hammond in Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception  of some elasticity in time.
So is time finite - seems that just as we (the universe and everything) came into being 13.7 billion years ago we will also go -time only goes in one direction and that's the direction of entropy. So from what I see it appears time could be finite and we've got as little as 5 billion years left (better start getting things in order).