Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eating at Ealing Chimichanga and Big Idea #78 is Mathematics

Ealing Chimichanga

The Cardiff branch of the chain
Yesterday we finally got around to visiting what was a few months ago a new restaurant in Ealing, it's a Mexican-ish themed eatery and has a location in Ealing High Street which has been home (since I've lived in Ealing)   to three Pubs one of which was I think called Three Pigeons then, Rat and Pigeon which transformed into 'Parkview'. It is a great shame (to me that so many pubs have gone even from a town centre (goodness knows how bad it is in the countryside) I can think of a handful of other pubs that no longer exist and even some of those that continue have changed beyond recognition and become more food based.
Anyway back to Chimichanga which I was pleasantly surprised by loads of helpful waiters and waitresses on hand we both had burger based meals with a Chicken Wings starter and soft drinks - came in at about £30 which seems about the going rate.
The restaurant is well decorated and the use of mirrors does make the interior stretch Tardis like, Chimichanga is a chain which I've not visited before (saw one in Cardiff though)  - I would try again.

Mathematics as a big Idea

Gödel and some other bloke
Crofton lists Mathematics as a big Idea, I suppose to some it's a way of life, to me it is useful (but I suppose in the age of computer largely invisible) apparently Kurt Gödel is a big figure in defining some limits to the system with his Incompleteness Theorem.