Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Idea -Paradigm Shifts (#79) and the Papacy

Paradigm shift number 79

I first came into contact with this phrase a littler over 15 years ago when I started my MA (in Mass Communication) studies, although I was unable to pronounce it correctly I really liked to use it and since then it has become part of the Lingua Franca of those who think they're in the know.

Paradigm shift as a term is associated with Thomas Kuhn and is used to denote a change in agreed understanding, a great example is how Copernicus moved understanding on from the planets revolving around the earth of course the all powerful (at the time) Catholic church considered this heresy – and it is interesting to reflect on how 'fact' changed as the new beliefs were absorbed into everyday understanding.

Progress does not follow a smooth developmental line and in fact a Paradigm shift occurs ( perhaps a bit like valence levels).

New Pope -Francis the First, a Paradigm Shift?

So are we due for a shift with the new pope – is he untainted?

Sad to report that the new pope (who has taken the name Francis I) is not a black woman and despite coming from South America his antecedents are white Italians.

Is he untainted by scandal far from it – some say that he had good relations with the Argentinian military junta and he is a Jesuit, a division within the Roman Catholic church which has something of mixed press .

Will he revisit the lie of celibacy and remove all priests tainted by child abuse scandals – I suppose the answer is the popular bazinga is the Pope a catholic?

Having looked a littler into religion I am somewhat of the opinion that the church is used (or has been used) as a method of keeping the proletariat in harness – this in the modern age is not sustainable – a reformist head is required and preferably one who is less than 76 years old