Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kew Gardens projects and # 89 The Standard Model and String Theory

Kew the gardens

It is always a pleasure to walk through Kew Gardens at this time of year and see the Golden Daffodils along with Crocuses. Easter Sunday has become synonymous with Easter Egg and Chocolate hunts and this had drawn many families in - I was intrigued to hear so many different languages being used not sure if this is down to Kew being on the must-do list for tourists or if it is expatriates enjoying the attraction while they work in London (a mixture of the two I expect)
Nice to stop and have a bowl of Soup, Celeriac and Apple new one on me,  mixed reviews  from us  (I didn't mind it!)
News reports are highlighting work (5 years of it) that will include renovation of the  Historic Temperate House  it'll cost about £33m.

The Standard Model and String Theory

Okay so this one has brought to my attention a load of stuff I've not even heard of..

Smart Cookie
It seems that Murray Gell-Mann is 'The Man' when it comes to this stuff (a bright cookie, he taught himself calculus when he was 7) tidying u[p earlier work around (what had been thought of  as) elementary particles it was hypothesised that Protons and Neutrons were made up of Quarks which are held together by the rather aptly named Gluons. Gluons are a class of gauge boson. It seems that as well as the various types of boson there are Leptons (neutrinos fall into this category) and photons. It can be worth looking at how rapid the advancements around the models used in the physical sciences have been since atoms were first postulated.
Gravity remains (I think) somewhat unexplained.
Beyond this stuff  lies the unproven string theory - if someone can prove this then we've probably reached a point where (physicists anyway) will say all is explained in the physical world.

I think the above does not provide too much clarity (sorry) but hopefully makes clear that progress and work in this field is potentially exciting and illuminating in terms of the physical world.