Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boris mucks up and Big Idea 84 is wave theory

The younger Boris

Boris Johnson the current London Mayor  is variously described as 'larger than life'  and a 'buffoon' there can be little doubt about his audacious ambitions, including that of one day being the UK Prime minister.
Yesterday a documentary on Boris aired on BBC Television which again raises questions to his suitability for high office
The issues raised were also probed when Boris was interviewed by Eddy Mair on BBC TV on Sunday's AM show, they are:

1) As a journalist he made things up and was fired when this was revealed.
2) He lied about an affair
3) He discussed in a private phone conversation with an old friend supplying details that could lead to getting someone beaten up.

Now I don't support Boris in realising his political ambitions but I do think it worth reflecting on what we expect from our political leaders and how people might and do change as they mature/get older.

So the questions I ask myself are have I done things I'd rather other people didn't know about and which I regret, have small untruths led me to continue fabrications and have I said things to friends which could be taken out of context?

Character (I think) sometimes goes beyond a mere 'balance sheet' it is important that we have information that allows us to judge our nominated representatives but (sorry to be a bit biblical) “Do not judge so that you will not be judged” Matthew 7:1

Many people consider Winston Churchill to be the UK's greatest leader, he was not perfect and would probably fail to become leader of a mainstream political party in the UK today.


Wave Theory

Wave Theory applies to waves from audible through to X-rays.

Waves can be described by three basic attributes, Amplitude, frequency and wavelength.

For electromagnetic waves the speed is generally considered as a constant 299,792,458 metres per second.
There's a nice (but childish) summary of how waves behave here.