Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Joost in time

Apart from all the excitement (?) over BT Vision, Virgin Media and Sky on demand the new kid on the block Joost should not be underestimated (which I’d already done) –they’ve gone and signed a deal with Viacom and are rumoured to be talking to the UK’s ITV, the guys have a form on the disruptive technology front and are looking like recidivists – get across it now.
There’s a growing head of steam that’s saying the BBC licence fee should be top sliced and OFCOM’s PSB might be an acceptable way of keeping UK media landscape exciting –push for it if you can.
UK recording giant taken over by USA's Warner?
EMI to be bought out by Warners, my view; don’t hold your breath, the company has serious assets, a great UK heritage and just needs a top flight management team to be installed to enable them to exploit what they have.
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