Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sky getting their retaliation in quickly

Branson gives Sky the jitters?
In a sure sign that Bskyb are taking the rebranded Virgin Media (was NTL/Telewest) seriously they have today announced a pay service on Digital terrestrial (DTT).
Press releases are talking about MPEG4 encoding which might be double dutch to some of you out there but in laymans terms it means get a new STB if you want to see the service - very likely it'll run NDS CA software too.
I can’t see this playing well with the regulators concerned about Skys 'smash and grab' raid on ITV shares that scuppered Branson’s hope of a content deal with the then beleaguered pre-Michael Grade ITV.
The move is likely to put the willies up BT Vision bosses too as the TV competitors slug it out for the low cost digital refusenicks.
I will be an interested observer (although not currently holding any signifcant holdings!) in the share price of the concerned parties tomorrow (ITV, BT and Sky are the ones I'm thinking about).
I will also take a punt on ITV news resurfacing as ITV play gets too hot to handle and a lack of competiton on Freeview means it's needed more than ever
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