Sunday, February 11, 2007


Brian May has been hitting the headlines regarding being a touch miserable and sensitive, let’s face it he’s got a great barnett for a man of 59, I expect it’s dyed but presumably his own and it’s a recognisable piece of hedging when all’s said and done.
Now that brings me to a couple of points, why should Brian mind? If he wanted to be anonymous he’d drop the locks and the clogs and look like most other people of his age- so presumably he has an ego and wants to be recognised?
Does it matter that may people think his hair/image is funny? He has talent and brains (as can be seen from his book on astronomy and his guitar playing on for example ‘One vision').
I think there is a problem in this ironic post modern world where many folk take very little seriously, but with tensions and terror perhaps the more serious danger is of taking things too seriously?
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