Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not Selling?

BBC is there a cure?
'Scrap the BBC' is an interesting book which I’ve started reading, the thing about the BBC is that it is an anomaly and it annoys me in any respects but when I read something like this I’m forced to spring to it’s defence. 'm not sure that Richard D North is someone who I can agree with too much.
* The BBC historically has been thought to super serve the middle classes (imagine the cost per listener hour of Radio 3 as opposed to Radio 2) but it recognises that this is a shortcoming and it does try to address it.
*The BBC is a state broadcaster but it (to me) tries to pretend it isn’t – there a real danger that the BBC Trust will in fact endanger what independence it has, the recent licence settlement which for the first time includes clear hypothecation with respect to the closing down of analogue transmission is extremely worrying.
* Does the BBC act as a unifying element, should we be concerned that such a thing might be required?
These are important questions but putting them to one side for considerably less than £3.00 per week you get fantastic Radio,TV and web coverage things like ‘the men from the ministry’ or Melvyn Bragg rambling along with his guests – University Challenge and Mastermind - at the end of the day (and through the night) it is very good value for money.
Radio for sale
I was surprised that no one wants my radio – I’ve got at least 10 radios and wanted to get rid of one – thought someone would like it but no takers on e-bay, latest sale is an old Canon AE1 camera it’s not being used and I would rather it went to someone than to landfill.
Great British film shock – we went to see Venus last night, it was very amusing and thought provoking, subconsciously I probably knew it was written by Hanif Kureshi but I didn’t register this until the end- this was perhaps why it referenced The Royal Court theatre. I hope Leslie Phillips and Peter O’Toole get some serious recognition for their fine performances.
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