Sunday, December 03, 2017

It's RHACC now (and another Ms May)

A selection of my 'Craft/Art'

The Saturday that's just gone (yesterday)  and I was at Richmond Adult Community College - recently merged with Hillcroft it's become RHACC (which for me is a much a less memorable acronym).

I was there last year and quite enjoy it despite making a small-ish net loss I hope to do it again in 2018.

Neat Table Top Easel

The 'Fair' gave me a chance to use my new Table Top Easels that I got via e-bay -I'm really please with them the Essex 242.

Plenty of visitors but perhaps not close enough to Christmas for people to be panic buying (as yet) - there's often voices at this sort of event that feel that if they were on a different stall or nearer something or other perhaps they'd sell more - I'm not sure what the secret formula is but I do have respect for High Street sellers that shift product.

This week there's been plenty of news about US President Trump and is (it seems) ill advised Tweet regarding Far Right UK political group - seems he tweeted to Theresa May (but the wrong one) - I was entertained to find that there's another one too at RHACC responsible for safeguarding.

Another Theresa May 
The Ex-Students were in the Theatre 

I was labelled as a 'Fine Art Photographer'  -I love the place

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