Monday, December 18, 2017

Also at Serpentine Gallery - Wade Guyton

There was work going on at the Serpentine Gallery (and I mean work not works).

Lovely View

More roof work
Well as mentioned yesterday I looked at Artists work at Serpentine Galleries at the weekend - in what I suppose we might describe as the main gallery (the older one anyway) was work from a US artist called Wade Guyon.

And what do we think of Wade?

Referencing the Press

Well he was certainly not the most accessible modern artist - all his work was 'untitled' and was distributed as hung work (mainly canvas pairs), adapted work (in cabinets) and a stack of work (which was why the title of the exhibition  was 'abridged').

Much of his (hanging) work referenced the media - and often their was a disjoint in these works.

Seeing him talk on Youtube clips he presents as a fairly direct person but I am not too sure what I get from this body of work.

Two big works and cabinets with some of his 'altered' items 

More joined canvases and cabinets
A stack of his work - don't touch
A working space shown.

Here is the Wikipedia on the artist - and a clip that has been released to 'highlight' the current exhibition.

If you find something that will explain more about the basis of the work  please let me know- I see he commands prices around the $1m.

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