Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Christmas Spirit & Dysfunctional Gov't and Misleading Ministers

We need you Santa

Nice to see some genuinely tacky Christmas lights (thanks Alan Kane) at Tate Britain today - it might be tongue in cheek but it was making people smile..

Be great with a dusting of snow

Nice with a bit of snow

And not making people smile ...

Get a Grip

OK I'm of the view that we'd be better off in EU but my 'beef' at the moment is the mess Theresa and the Tory Ministers are making - any CEO doing as much damage as our PM would be marched off the premises with her belongings in a black bin bag - we keep thinking it can't get worse and then it does

I'm wondering what on Earth happens in the Tory cabinet meetings - obviously no holding David Davis to account or discussions on Brexit (or so Philip Hammond has indicated) - - I guess it's important things like what biscuits they should have and EU decisions are left to Rees-Mogg and failed Tory leader/Loon I D-S?

In a past life I was for a while a union rep and did some negotiating - it was necessary to communicate with colleagues present a united front and have a plan - we've none of these and got people like Crispin Blunt blaming EU negotiators for us not knowing what we want.

Please Please (as they used to say on BBCTV's Points of View) get your act (and team) together Mrs May.
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