Sunday, August 13, 2017

Giacometti, Energy and Private Data

Figures that are very much his trademark 
For me Alberto Giacometti is one of those names that's familiar but I don't immediately know why, actually I should say I didn't - yesterday we went to Tate Modern to see why the name rings a bell.

In fact although the name is one of those incredibly Italian names - the artist (for that's what he was) hails from Switzerland  - born around the turn of the century he was a painter, designer but is now chiefly now celebrated as a sculptor -as the exhibition shows.

His father too was an artist so perhaps not that surprising that as the eldest son he should follow in his father's footsteps.

Sadly his life was not a long one - he died at the age of 66 from Bronchitis  probably not helped by being a fairly heavy smoker.

It was also rather nice to run into a couple of BEAT artists also visiting the exhibition - Nigel (a man who revels in Collage) and Elizabeth (work influenced by nature)  were as I have found previously a pleasure to meet and briefly chat with.

The cafés and bathrooms are good at Tate Modern
Westminster fun fair - with EU in background?


I see that the blessed Theresa is said to be planning a Mea Culpa moment this years Tory conference - apart from the fact that sorry is a bit late coming - why is it that the action she proposed taking to hold down domestic energy prices has been abandoned?

A limit to energy profiteering seems to be something that most of the MPs of the major parties could unite behind and would help those 'Just Abouts'  (JAMs) she spoke about once upon a time.


New laws on Data Protection

Oh yes another thing that puzzles me is where this sudden interest that the Tory/DUP Government has in our rights around Personal Data?

Odd that the EU is having much the same laws drafted - doesn't it make you realise that in the real world the EU will still dictate our laws but now as outsiders - I suspect the same reasoning behind abandonment of internal combustion engine- why don't we recognise that the EU is the only game in town for us and Brexit  (despite the mantra) doesn't mean sweet FA?

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