Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is busy for Bank holidays and as this Monday was a fine one there were a lot of people there - it attracts lots of overseas visitors as well as regulars.

What we both like about visiting Kew is that people aren't all on their phones and each visit is so different not just because of the seasons but also the little additions that are made in exhibitions and things.

Kew Palace has a clear Dutch influence

And a Japanese Garden

And I'm guessing a Japanese visitor too

A nice place for Afternoon Tea?


I'm not sure if our PM visiting Japan is doing the right thing in drawing attention to the fact that she wants to fight the next General Election as leader of the Tories - does rather remind us where it went wrong - I suppose the choice is limited for her but raising her head above the parapet does mean someone might take aim.

Sometimes there are worse things to be than a quitter  - and to me the idea of Chancellor Hammond moving next door could be a move with some merit- to see either Rees-Mogg (the 19th Century candidate) or Boris (the Boris candidate) at Number 10 though would perhaps be worse than the severely constrained Theresa May - Tory party conference could become something almost interesting this Autumn.
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