Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Make it Sunday (Ealing)

Today has seen plenty of rain in West London, one way to look at this is to think how lucky we were to have a fine bank holiday - Sunday was warm and as part of various people's initiatives (including the London Mayor I think)   Ealing's Bond Street  was closed to traffic and a number of activities were highlighted by 'Make it Sunday'.
The Historic Studios 

I had a small part in OPEN Ealing's presence just by 'For Arts Sake' and managed to sell a print of the Ealing (Film) Studios - it was in fact one of the first prints I displayed and I was delighted to find it a home.
This would have been good for Nick Conn

The nice thing about the event was that it brought people into the area and revealed to many what Bond Street (the local one) has to offer.

Plenty of food and music along with some classic cars

Browsing prints

Flaming Cow restaurant looked busy 

The event majored on Art (of various types ) demonstrations organised by Open included Weaving, and Creative writing.

Find out about Aruna's Weaving
Viv's 'Students' created work - and a singer on the 'Hootie' stage

Another old car 

Good Day Sunshine - and a good day turnout too

Executive Pay and oversight

Seems that UK PM Theresa May has not completely forgotten what an extraordinary way top businesses choose to reward their executives and is firing warning shots over the bows of some of the mega paying companies. (The proposal has though been severely watered down)

Now I recognise Capitalism delivers much and pay can be used as an incentive but come on some examples are just beyond greedy.

Seems to me that the practice in U.S. boardrooms of crazy pay  has been imported into the UK - astonished to see that US companies with under-performing stocks like Discovery would choose to pay long serving CEOs such extraordinary sums.

How can it be that David Zaslav (been CEO for 10 years)  was deemed to be worth $37.2 million in 2016 , up 14.8 percent compared with his 2015 compensation of $32.4 million.

 I'm puzzled how this incentive works (for stockholders)  the stock price fell- can it be that he Zaslav is responsible for the fall - or if he'd not been at the helm would the fall have been greater?

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