Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A week missing?

One of Grayson's Pots
A couple of shows
So now I'm not actively running a 365 project it's easier for me to miss a few days - not because nothing is going on but because there's a lot.

After Ian introducing us to Humour in Art decided to pop over to see Grayson Perry exhibition at Serpentine - nice to see a lot of visitors and a wide range of work - he's far from a one trick 'ceramics' pony.

A sort of self portrait 

I think Grayson is a very interesting figure (not least because he's from where I spent early years - Chelmsford) - He plays the humour card but is not scared to confront major issues - the idea of which would have once been anathema to most of UK society.

More difficult was the Arthur Jafa exhibition at Sackler 'sister' gallery  but worth a visit too.

Part of the Arthur Jafa exhibition
The Serpentine Pavilion 2017 designed by Francis Kéré

A pleasant walk too

Labour get more Pro European

Well over a year since referendum vote and dust still settling on the way UK Politicians are playing this - David Davis strategy  not playing  well on either World stage or  to his 'home crowd' - even more difficult to keep the painfully split bunch of Tory MPs (above all else they're keenest on keeping power).

If Theresa May's election gamble had paid off we'd have a far stronger hand it the deal making as it is here government is isolated at home and even more abroad - seems Labour are not scared to exploit this weakness - the autumn party conference will be interesting. 

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