Thursday, August 03, 2017

Where we're going..

always the case?
Was reminded yesterday of the multiple layers of what 'Science Fiction' is about and how it can be read.

For me Science Fiction is at its best when it's not obviously that - I'm thinking of things like John Wyndham's Day of The Triffids or Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers books  - these are in many ways (and not to belittle them) just fiction.

A close to reality Spaceman in the exhibition

 As I expect you can imagine the crowd at an exhibition ostensibly about Sci-Fi was predominantly male but there were quite a few mothers with children of various ages - the vibe was quite restrained and lots of displays of books and clips of films along with models.

It was nice too to see a bit of work had been done around the Black consciousness reading of 'Other Worlds' and the idea that it some way they were 'the other' - I noticed less the part that the Cold War had in the 1950's films and fiction.

A view of the future 

The 'Into the Unknown' might at this time be likened to the  case of the UK leaving the EU a move which looks increasingly bleak to many economists,  businessmen and businesswomen.

While some see the current battles within cabinet as jockeying for the chance to replace the current PM others see the battle as far more ideological - time will tell how it plays out but for now we should perhaps avoid excessive borrowing.


After saving - I've transferred the money back to make the purchase.

Back into digits

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