Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crimp on Ruscha and Down at Shad (Near Tower Bridge)

Well the bite sized facts in the Pring's Miscellany book are already taking me in other directions.

I was very interested to learn about both Ed Ruscha's book of Photographs of Gas Stations (ahead of the iconic painting) and American Professor of Art, Douglas Crimp's knowing perspective on the classification of Ruscha's book in a library.

[I saw a Ruscha original up close and personal a couple of years back and it was strangely exciting.]

There's been to my mind a schism over Photography's purpose pretty much since the first photo's were exhibited, is it  'Record or Art'? -Crimp gets to the point (see more here).

Down at Shad Thames 

Yesterday while around Design Museum inevitably took a few snaps - including a reverse towards Tower Bridge along what I guess is Shad, Thames (definitely not The Shard) - here it and others are:
Shad Thames - getting the  'perpendiculars 'right here's a challenge here
Anchors not away - that's engineering 
Don't forget another great Paolozzi public sculpture or the threat to his Tottenham Court Road Station mosaic

And I couldn't resist messing with this one:

My Camera (Never Lies) -This could be my new hobby

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