Thursday, February 26, 2015

Post Office Red and Politics 2015

some little time back I had a bit of a brain wave that I'd make a book/project along the lines of the Noah Scalin '365 A Daily Creativity Journal'  for me I'd have  a different red object every day - I haven't managed to impose the necessary self discipline on myself to get beyond about 20 random shots so far.
On taking a walk today I was reminded of the idea and why I chose 'red' - it can be a joyous colour  - and a freshly painted post box has something more than the sum of a tin of paint and a tired looking piece of street furniture.

Post office Red
Hey don't forget about me

Pre permanent employment I used to work in my school and university holidays at TPI (Technical Panel Industries) in Braintee Essex, Technical Panels was the term used to describe seamless GRP coated plywood panels used for the side panels, tops and doors for various lorries and vans.

It was a good experience for me and I remember well the importance for TPI  of winning the contract for the Post office fleet and how the colour was 'Post Office' red -strangely looking on the internet (as with so much) there seems to be many different versions of what I thought a standard.

I also recall that the red of Coca- Cola can not be satisfactorily reproduced on television displays (as yet).

Politics 2015 

Well done to Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett for not being overly precious and apologising for her recent poor media performance it is worth crediting her for this, I find it hard to imagine David Cameron doing a similar thing- it reflects well on her.

Interesting to see that Sir Malcolm Rifkind has decided his position as M.P.  and Chair of an important Westminster Security committee  is untenable and he has  decided to leave his safe Tory seat at the next election - I have some sympathy for him but he behaved foolishly and compounded the errors he made by acting with what looked like a superior attitude and no contrition.

Caught a very short glimpse of BBC 2 Commons programme, this reflected well on Zac Goldsmith who gives the impression of being that rare creature a Tory politician   who is an independent thinker unfettered by overwhelming ambition - his instinct to pursue his desire to see MPs subject to recall by their constituents is a good one and the MP supporters who got behind it in the Commons are to be applauded .

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