Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Picture of The week (number 12 perhaps) along with Water and Fuel

Great to see another 'Picture of The week' of mine  in the Ealing Gazette today- sometimes feels like I'm their local correspondent as head office is now in Guildford (not very local to Ealing).

You can see the piece in the paper and the original below:
Blimey- it's a long way down.

As seen in the paper


Odd that what are natural monopolies still flummox our current economy and interesting that having just mentioned Energy Best Deal I am now advised by our present supplier OVO that it's time to look at my options, well seems for me best option is to change again this time Scottish Power and switching is now under way, am not sure if I'll see or be aware of the saving to be made (estimated over £200) but feel it best to make the effort and help the switch web sites make their bounty..

On similar note on another natural monopoly  Thames Water statement re'c'd today implies that  I'm approaching a return to credit on our account with them despite their suggestions of making even higher monthly payments (above a doubling of the charge), hopefully if the charge doesn't rise too much this year we'll be in balance next year (but this could be proven to be wrong in time?)
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