Saturday, February 07, 2015

Debbie and Chris - A golden couple in photo' and spotting Paul Morley

yesterday I was delighted to learn that the Chris Stein exhibition of photographs taken by him was actually still on (extended until tomorrow) - wow what a great show it was lots of glorious pictures accompanied by text that retold the stories.
Now on until Sunday 8th
The show at Somerset House is curated handsomely and as Debbie notes Chris does have a great eye behind the camera - many of the punctures have more than a tinge of sadness as there are quite a few characters who have not survived but there is also a careless innocence and creative excitement.

As well as giving the pictures room to breathe the show has some great music and I did feel like bopping about as I went from picture to picture.

My personal favourite?   Well it's got to be the Debbie cooking in the burnt out flat - I suppose the image and words brought the epoch to life and the photo' looked like an edit floor  cutting dodgy film Noir.

Historic Somerset House - Where Britain once administered its Empire  from.

Paul Morley

While I was in town, just by the Aldwych I spotted Paul Morley- Paul was an influential figure within the music business in the 1980's a sort of semi- cerebral version of Pete Waterman, arch publicist and PR man for record label (those were the days)  ZTT - I'm not sure what drives him but hew does give a slightly  intimidating aura (not noticeably here though).

Blimey! it's Paul Morley 

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