Monday, February 23, 2015

The values of Politicians as well as German Photo Montage pioneer John Heartfield

Well I wonder what the late  Barbara Castle would have said about Jack Straw's greed and arrogance, or even Mrs T on Malcolm Rifkind's ethics?
St James Church, Bermondsey

Why is that on reaching high office politicians not only have that part of their brain removed which relates to 'ordinary people' but also stop being able to understand the difference between right and wrong?

How can it be correct for someone who is employed as an M.P. to spend their time applying for a job  helping an (albeit) imaginary Chinese business rather than working for their own constituents?

The Telegraph have undoubtedly  done something to rescue their damaged reputation in the sting (which can be seen on UK TV's C4 Dispatches tonight that has revealed the latent  hypocrisy at senior levels in both of the UK's major political parties.

Have seen the Straw interview from BBC's Today (Radio 4) programme reminds me of Elton John song Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Good to see he's withdrawn himself from Labour party Whip but he's not helping his party any.

There's a BBC radio  interview too  with  from the cash strapped 68 year old Patrician sounding Tory MP Malcolm Rifkind who Prime-minister Cameron confirmed has had the Conservative party whip suspended.

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I see in my Pring's book that there's a mention of John Heartfield a man who pretty much invented Photo-Montage (along with others).

The name John Heartfield rang a bell with me and after a quick search I see that I admired his work at Tate Modern a couple of years back, well it's not just his work that admirable - he  was a blatant anti-Nazi who displayed great integrity (I wonder if anyone can take a lesson from this?)
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