Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reflecting on Media Technology at BT London (part 6) and 2014 will see a new wave of eateries in Ealing

After joining BT (British Telecom) Broadcast services I realised a little about  what my new job was and how BT was a fundamental part of the broadcasting world joining together the various elements in OB (outside broadcasts), Studios and Transmitters.
One of the things that attracted me to my new job was that part of the job advert (which didn't mention that the job was with British Telecom) was that a joke was required (in hindsight a bit odd) - I did one about Surprise/Supplies which still makes me laugh when I think about it.
I was initially based in offices in Shaftesbury Avenue but we did after a while move to BT Tower which was a hub for the TV services with the biggest router (a  massive video and audio switch) in Europe at the time.
BT was undoubtedly the biggest organisation   I had worked for this could have been intimidating but the team I worked with was a tight group of really nice people and I was made to feel very welcome.
BT Tower used in Broadcast
My work involved me in providing technical  support to various broadcasters principally with provision of Satellite services, customers were both existing broadcasters and new entrants including quite a few shopping channels using access to Sky viewers to sell their wares.
BT (the post office at that time) had been an early adopter of satellite technology and had uplink sites in London as well as Martelsham and Goonhilly, it also had connectivity via fibre and microwave which put it i a very strong position in being able to support broadcasters.
The work I undertook enabled me to visit various countries which included Jordan, USA and the Netherlands.
I continued to take photographs with film and also bought a Canon semi pro Digital Camcorder.
Also during my time at BT and after I started making contributions to an online technical/consumer site run by Simon Perry it was called Digital Lifestyles and I found it fun to review on 'techie items' and provide my own insights, Simon is now running a Digital local site on the Isle of Wight, as you can see Simon is not the sort of guy who goes for a quiet life.

I had mucked about with basic satellite reception at Highview Road (current home) but first working with NDS I got free Sky subscription (analogue days) and then being in the satellite part of BT I felt it incumbent on me to get a better installation and I got a multi-satellite steerable reception dish.

As with my previous job I was supplied with a 'work' mobile phone.
During my time at BT I completed the MA in Mass Communications that had been started while I was in Hong Kong  and I  started studying for an MBA (also Leicester University)

New Café/Eateries to battle for customers in Ealing 

Maggie's 'Opening Soon'
Across the road is Bill's 
I suppose there's a logic in maximising the business trading hours for restaurants - the new wave of chain eateries appears to be working to these ends, being a coffee shop, a lunch time café as well as an evening hangout for food and drinks.
In Ealing this January Maggie's  and Bill's will both be opening new businesses and time will tell how good their judgment of what the punter wants is.

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