Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas shopping (different each year)

Out Shopping over the last few days like so many others, and in Kingston upon Thames today saw this air pump for Cyclists - from what I remember when I was a regular bike user this  seems like a very good idea and hopefully other boroughs will be adding these to further encourage the healthy travel option.  What I'm noticing when shopping is how many stores are offering reductions, traditionally sales have begun after Christmas but seems that there's discounting ahead of the holidays now, I suppose once one or two of the major retailers start this it's difficult for the others to resist. 
Other things we've noticed are the number of Calendar selling concessions (nice mark-up on these).
The sales figures for the UK High Street are key to showing what the British economy is doing, there now seems little doubt that any recovery will start with increased confidence and thus borrowing/credit by consumers and the purchases of goods and services as the housing market heats up. Any idea that Chancellor George Osborne has made serious inroads into 're-balancing' the industrial manufacturing base should be taken with rather a large pinch of salt (as The Engineer agrees here).
In fact one of the worrying things I am seeing (in London) is that there are many more people who need to sell The Big Issue or ask those with money for a £1. 

Bentall's Centre Kingston

Westfields White City- Well over the top

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