Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Green Council Tree & more about Ealing

Now they know how many (etcetera)

So this is Christmas?

So the idea of  doing something 'green' at this time of year is an attractive idea and replacing the usual Ealing Pine Christmas tree that sits outside the Town Hall  with something that makes you stop and think is to be applauded.

Trouble is for me it doesn't really work and looks like how it's described (like 900 plastic bottles).
Actually if you take a look here you'll see it looks better at night!

Tuk Cho gone

I suppose it was in business for a couple of years or so filling in the hole that was Edward's bar - we only went to Tuk Cho once and now it's gone to be replaced by Bill's.
 Ealing now has a Wagamama and the well established Hare and Tortoise both in the niche that is  the modern Asian fusion-y thing so I suppose the slightly pricier Tuk Cho was squeezed by the competition and higher price point in these austere days -  Good Luck to Bill when he/it opens. (But Bill has Maggie opening soon across the road from him).  

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